With the generous support of the following Patrons, The Gallery, Etc. is  able to bring this exciting event to our Quay County artists which most have never experienced, as well as, providing our residents with an opportunity to experience the arts and purchase the exceptional artwork that our Quay County artists have to offer.



Thank you for your support of the arts!


"Art on Fire"  Sponsorship Levels:  (Please visit our sponsors by "clicking" on sponsor's name.)

Rembrandt $500+:

Jackson Pollock $300+:  Citizens Bank

Salvador Dali $150+:      Everyone's Federal Credit Union       R. Kelly McFarland, CPA, PC 

                                  John & Betty Burns at John's Truck Service, Inc.     Wellborn Pharmacy, Inc.

Georgia O'Keefe Donations:  Tucumcari Federal Savings & Loan Assn.   Del's Restaurant    Annonymous